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Emery é uma banda cristã de post-hardcore/screamo, formada em 2001 que surgiu em Rock Hill, na Carolina do Sul, Estados Unidos.


The Weak's End (2004)
The Question (2005)
I'm Only a Man (2007)
...In Shallow Seas We Sail (2009)
The Columbus EEP Thee (2002)
While Broken Hearts Prevail (EP), (2008)


Toby Morrell - vocal, baixo
Devin Shelton - vocal, baixo , guitarra
Matt Carter - guitarra, vocal
Josh Head - teclado, vocal
Dave Powell - bateria

Album: The Weak's End (2004)

02-The Ponytail Parades
03-Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes
04-By All Accounts (Today Was A Disaster)
06-The Note From Which A Chord Is Built
08-Under Serious Attack
09-As Your Voice Fades
10-The Secret


Album: The Question (2005)

01-In a Lose, Lose Situation
02-In a Win, Win Situation
03-In Between 4th and 2nd Street
04-Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes
05-Listening to Freddy Mercury
06-Miss Behavin'
07-Playing With Fire
08-Returning the Smile You Have Had From the Start
09-So Cold I Could See My Breath
10-Studying Politics
11-The Terrible Secret
12-The Weakest

Album: I'm Only A Man (2007)

02-The Party Song
03-World Away
04-After The Devil Beats His Wife
05-Can't Stop The Killer
06-Story About A Man With A Bad Heart
07-Don't Bore Us, Get To The Chorus
08-What Makes A Man A Man
09-The Movie Song
10-You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change)
11-From Crib To Coffin

Album: While Broken Hearts Prevail (2008)

01-The Smile The Face
02-Edge Of The World
03-Say The Things (You Want)
04-Ten Talents
05-Always Depends
07-Do The Things (You Want)

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