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Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter é uma banda de metalcore cristão, de Seattle, Washington, iniciada pelos irmãos Don e Ryan Clark. Os membros de Demon Hunter são cristãos e expressam sua fé em muitas de suas músicas

Demon Hunter (2002)
Summer of Darkness (2004)
The Triptych (2005)
Storm the Gates of Hell (2007)
The World is a Thorn (2010)

Ryan Clark - Vocal
Jonathan Dunn - Baixo
Yogi Watts - Bateria
Patrick Judge - Guitarra
Ryan Helm - Guitarra

Album: Demon Hunter (2002)

01-Screams of the Undead
02-I Have Seen Where It Grows
04-A Broken Upper Hand
05-The Gauntlet

Album: Summer Of Darkness (2004)

01-Not Ready To Die
02-Annihilate The Corrupt
03-Push Myself Up

Album: The Triptych (2005)

01-The Flame That Guides Us
02-Not I
04-Relentless Intolerance
06-The Soldier's Song
07-Fire To My Soul
08-One Thousand Apologies
09-The Sience of Lies
10-Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck
12-The Tide Began To Rise

Album: Storm The Gates Of Hell (2007)

01-Storms The Gates Of Hell
02-Lead Us Home
04-Fading Away
05-Carry Me Down
06-A Thread Of Light
07-I Am You
10-Follow The Wolves
11-Fiction Kingdom
12-The Wrath Of God

Album: The World Is A Thorn (2010)

01-Descending Upon Us
03-Collapsing (ft. Bjorn Speed Strid)
04-This Is The Line
05-Driving Nails
06-The World Is A Thorn
07-Tie This Around Your Neck
08-Just Breathe (ft. Christian Alvestam)
09-Shallow Water
10-Feel As Though You Could (ft. Dave Peters)
11-Blood In The Tears

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